Being creative when your home is your school

I saw a mention of using writing prompts to inspire kids who are home schooling now. A few that I’ve used with students are:

Write a “graphic label” that describes an animal in an aquarium or a zoo in 30 words or less. Make it interesting!

Make a list of questions you would use to “interview” a sea creature or a scientist who is studying your favorite animal.

Invent an animal. Describe its habitat and adaptations for survival (for getting food and avoiding becoming someone else’s food). Draw a picture of it. You might want to give it a common and a scientific name.

Write and illustrate a story about a sea creature’s adventures, like this one that my daughter and her friend wrote in fifth grade. (In this case, the hero is a leaf.) Bonus points: write a dedication to your patient parents (or teacher)!  img003

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